uhhuh tate has a blog

Tate's blog!

i started playing cs:go the other day and my friends are learnin me the basicz

Grats on the win for the video contest. \o/

Thanks dude! I’m really excited. :D

Turn your music up in Limsa!

Go to the Aftcastle where The Rising event is taking place, turn your music up, and enjoy!

However.. if you know how the track was used in 1.0, you might be a bit unsettled. I know I am.

Got DRG to 50 today! Absolutely LOVING it, the rotation is so fun and satisfying to learn. Through all the parses I did yesterday I was able to pull a max of about 355 DPS, hopefully I can master the rotation soon, and with some gear I can sway away from using BRD on T8 for more deeps. :D


Hey Tate can anyone join your FC? Probably going to transfer to Leviathan sometime soon.

Afraid it’s not open for recruitment. It’s mainly a close knit friend group with a few aquaintances between everyone.


Please enjoy my 3 star HQ crafting rotation guide.

It is way too cold to be camping FATEs in this attire.

I made an anniversary entry.

"Party Time"

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