uhhuh tate has a blog

Tate's blog!

Livestream is ONLINE →

we tiny again

TTT Short - Tate’s Radio

hey its me ur best friend tate

I’m just waiting for the day that you go back to Lalafell.


I’m a booger. 8D

Thanks for the opportunity to play with you, Sarah, and some of your followers! It was a lot of fun even though I wasn't that good (I was Spectre)

Thanks for joining us!

saren. saryn? one of these is a mass effect villain

they’re both a villain in some effective mass

gtaichou replied to your post: anonymous said:At the risk of sou…

Best way to get out of a rut - do something quick and dirty. :)

that’ll cost money

At the risk of sounding like an asshole, did you give up on animations and stuff? Seems like you're doing nothing but gameplay these days.

I lost a lot of drive to do artistic things. I try to draw every now and again, but it’s just been a huge rut I want to get out of. :c

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