uhhuh tate has a blog

Tate's blog!

would you play shadow of mordor? enjoy your streams :)

I’m not in a brand new game buying position at the moment, sorry. :( Glad you enjoy the streams though!


Thank you goldentot for taking me on a magic choco ride!


fart fart tate

i accidentally unreblogged this so here it is again 8)

You're making me want to play FFXIV again!!! D:<

Congratulations on winning dude

Thanks! There were a bunch of winners but I’m excited to have exclusive stuff B)

I won the anniversary video contest and got this choker for me and a few friends! We also got some fireworks that I don’t think are obtainable yet, they’re basically roman candles and I will harass my friends with them until the end of time. :D

It’s time.


You’re damn fucking right I’m gonna imagine a sick as fuck fight scene to that drum & bass song

I woke up feeling a little anime today..


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